Sponsorship Program Info

Referral links are exclusive URLs used to track the traffic sent from your website to our website. Each affiliate marketer has their own individualized URL, which contains specific identifiers such as your username, or member ID. For example:


This is a referral link of our affiliate user with ID 9999 (for example purposes only).

When a website visitor clicks your referral links, a record is sent to the referral program to track your metrics such as clicks, sales, and commissions. You will earn a commission if the visitor makes a purchase.

How to use your referral link?

The possibilities are endless, here’s just a few ideas, how to use your referral link.

  • Your website
  • YouTube videos
  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • Linktree
  • Emails and messages
  • Online courses

Your website


If you have a Blog section on your website, you could write an article about any topic related to signwriting or pinstriping, mention our products, and include your referral link within the content. You could write tutorials, or review our paints, brushes or tools. Your article should be useful and informative. Your website will benefit from more traffic and a better google ranking, and you will benefit from our referral program.

The correct way of adding a link to your content. Replace 9999 with your referral ID.

<a href=’https://alpha6corporation.com/ref/9999/’ title=’Alpha 6 Corporation – Professional Signwriting and Pinstriping paints and tools’ rel=”nofollow”‘ target=’_blank’> Alpha 6 Corporation </a>


Another option is to use visually attractive affiliate banners anywhere on your website.

  • The sidebar of your blog.
  • The header and footer of your website.
  • Embedded in blog content.
  • In email marketing messages.

Log in to your Membership Area, go to ‘Creatives’ tab, and choose your banner. Copy the link provided under the banner, and paste it onto your website. You can also create your own banners.


As an affiliate marketer, you have the ability to create video content around a variety of topics related to our products, and include your referral links in the process. The easiest way is to include the links in your video description.

There is also a way of including the link in YouTube annotations – transparent boxes that pop up within the video.


The only place you can have a link on Instagram is your bio, where you would probably have your website URL, and wouldn’t want to replace it with your referral link. A workaround to this problem is to include links in Instagram Stories. Once you gain more than 10k followers, you can add links to your Instagram Stories content. Another option is to use Linktree for all your links, and then add your Linktree URL to your bio.

You can include URLs in your Instagram posts, but those are not clickable.


Another place to distribute your referral links is on Facebook via your personal profile or a business page. Your goal is to convince someone to click on your referral links and make a purchase on our website. Posting informative and interesting content that includes referral links, is a good way of doing it.


Linktree is a tool to create a personalised and centralised landing page, that houses all the important links you want share with your online audience. It’s very useful to store all your important links under one link. You can create a free Linktree account, and use your Linktree URL in your Instagram bio, where you are only allowed to have one link.

Learn how to create your Linktree account and add links.

Emails and Messages

Some of you will have mailing lists, some will have lots of followers and fans asking you about the products you use. You can reply all the emails / WhatsApp / Messenger / .. communication with your referral link.

Online Courses

If you are running an online signwriting / pinstriping course, and using our products to demonstrate the techniques to your students, use the opportunity to earn some commission, and make sure you send your students your referral link. They’ll trust they can create same amazing art as you do, using the same quality products you are using.

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