Weather resistant, fade resistant, high opacity, fast drying, and perfect for daily professional use indoors and out.

The finest high pigment water-based Acrylic Paint you can buy! 

The most durable, opaque, fast drying acrylic on the market!

Scientifically formulated to meet the needs of today’s professional artists, the single stroke coverage allows for faster drying times, a higher opacity out of the bottle, better weather resistance, and increased profitability. 

Made in the USA

Alphakrylik is scientifically formulated, mixed, and bottled in Detroit, MI. Alphakrylik is formulated with ground pigments rather than dyes in order to be more opaque to ensure single stroke coverage allowing for faster drying times, a higher opacity out of the bottle, better weather resistance outdoors.

Artist Feedback & Testing

We care about our products and those that use them. Our products are tested in the field by our team of professional artists, and perfected using their feedback. We listen to our customers and retailers to ensure we are providing them with the highest of quality tools, supplies, and paint on the market. We encourage artists and craftsmen at every level to try our paint, and to give us open and honest feedback by contacting us at [email protected]

Constant Testing & Improvement

We strive for constant improvement to ensure that Alphakrylik not only ranks as the best sign acrylic on the market, but that it stays that way.
Since we are an artist owned company, we are able to cut any red tape in the way of ensuring that every batch produced is properly tested and any necessary adjustments are made prior to release to ensure the quality of our paint at the absolute highest it can be.

Fair Pricing for Everyone

It is our goal to provide artists and craftsmen with high quality paint, supplies, and tools at an affordable price.
We work closely with our retail partners to bring you the best pricing we can for our products that meet all transport, safety, and customs regulations.


Alphakrylik is a highly pigmented water based professional quality sign acrylic.  We use professional quality ground pigments and carriers in our paints to ensure that our paints are incredibly durable, highly pigmented, and provide the best possible coverage in the market. 

We recommend using our Alphakrylik Reducer in order to reduce your acrylic paint for perfect flow. Do not compromise the integrity of your paint. This reducer is specifically designed to work with our paint.  

While it is of course possible to do so with any water based paint, we recommend using our specially formulated alphakrylik reducer to ensure that the quality of the paint is not compromised during reduction.

Glass, Metal, Brick, Canvas, Acetate, Wood, Paper, and so much more!  

For technical questions, you can reach out to James at [email protected] or Lizzie at [email protected]

For questions on becoming a retailer, order issues, or general business information, you may reach out to Gail at [email protected]

For shipping tracking or general questions about your order, you can reach Justin in the shipping department at [email protected]

Or, you can fill out the form at the bottom of this page, and we’ll get it routed to the right person to answer your questions! 

Alphakrylik has been environment-tested to have a 4-6 year longevity when used properly (proper prepping procedures and correct reducers) in outdoor applications.


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