Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions


Alphanamel is a highly pigmented oil based lettering and pinstriping enamel.  We use professional quality ground pigments and carriers in our paints to ensure that our paints are incredibly durable, highly pigmented, and provide the best possible coverage in the market. 

We recommend using our Alphasol Reducers (We have Hi-Temp and Low-Temp options!), VM&P Naptha, High Quality Turps, or Professional quality  reducers to thin our enamels.  

While mineral spirits is great as a cleaning solvent, We don’t recommend mineral spirits as a reducer with any enamels, as over the years the chemical composition of mineral spirits has changed, and it can cause your finished product to look dull or flattened. It can also contribute to paint issues like chipping, drying too fast, over-thinning, and cause problems with adhesion to surfaces. 

Like any other enamel based paint, it’s best to use an oil based clear, but if you’re painting on cars and motorcycles, or prefer a urethane based clear, we recommend that you add a few drops of our AlphaRock 2000 Hardener to your reducer while working with the paint, allowing it to cure for 48 hours, and then doing 2-3 light “dust coats” of your urethane clear before laying it on heavy.  This will eliminate the risk of causing lifting (or wrinkles) in your artwork due to using urethane over enamel. 

Alphanamel has been environment-tested to have an 8-10 year longevity when used properly (proper prepping procedures and correct reducers) in outdoor applications, and is permanent in indoor applications. 

Shake bottles thoroughly before use. Each bottle has rattlers included to help mix the paint, similar to using spray paint cans.

METALLICS: High pigment loads of metallic paint causes separation and settling. This is completely normal, and is consistent with all oil based metallic paint. Make sure to mix with a popsicle stick before using. After time, metallics build up at the bottom of the bottle, and will not break up by shaking alone.

ELECTROSHOCK FLUORESCENTS: Electroshock colors will dry matte. This is consistent with all oil based neon paints in the industry. Mixing a few drops of Alphaklear per ounce prior to use will increase gloss level.

Unfortunately due to Hazmat Restrictions, we can only sell directly to consumers in the United States.  However, we do have retailers in many different countries, and more signing up every day!  To find your nearest retailer, check out our “Find a Retailer” page.

If you have a paint retailer near you that isn’t selling Alphanamel yet, send them our way and you’ll get something special for the referral if they sign up with us!


Alphakrylik is a highly pigmented water based professional quality medium weight sign acrylic. We use professional quality ground pigments and carriers in our paints to ensure that our paints are incredibly durable, controllable, highly pigmented, and provide the best possible coverage in the market.

While it is of course possible to do so with any water based paint, including Alphakrylik, we recommend using our specially formulated Alphakrylik reducer to ensure that the integrity of the paint is not compromised during reduction.

We recommend using our Alphakrylik Airbrush Reducer in order to reduce your acrylic paint for perfect flow for use with your favorite painting tools or to lower opacity without compromising the integrity of the paints and pigments. This reducer is specifically designed to work with our paint.

Alphakrylik has been environment-tested to have a 4-6 year longevity when used properly (proper prepping procedures and correct reducers) in outdoor applications, and permanent in indoor applications.

Glass, Metal, Brick, Canvas, Acetate, Wood, Paper, Leather, Tile, and so much more! Our specially formulated paints have excellent adhesion to almost any surface on both indoor and outdoor applications.

Shake bottles thoroughly before use. Each bottle has rattlers included to help mix the paint, similar to using spray paint cans. Alphakrylik is compatible with other acrylic mediums, as well as our own Alphakrylik Reducer. You can use mediums to change the weight and texture of the

paint. Acrylic paints dry very quickly. If working on a larger project where you need the paint to stay workable for longer, add a slow medium to your paint to help slow the drying time.

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