Professional quality Lettering Enamels, Artist Tools, and Supplies made in Detroit, Michigan by artists for artists and craftsmen. 

Our tools, supplies, and paint are field tested by the best names in pinstriping, sign painting, and graphic arts prior to bringing them to the market to ensure that all of our products are perfected for daily professional use. By utilizing our fantastic team of artists, and listening to the feedback from our customers, we continually ensure the quality of our current products, as well as develop new ones, to keep up to ensure the highest quality and stay up to date with the changing needs of our customers and retailers.


Alphanamel is scientifically formulated, mixed, and bottled in Detroit, MI. 

Made with ground pigments, rather than dyes, to ensure one stroke coverage, more durability, a higher gloss finish, an increase in dry times, and to eliminate brush strokes.

Now available in 36 base colors, as well as Electroshock Fluorescents and Metallics.


Alphakrylik is the newest addition to our paint line up.  This water based sign acrylic was made with professional artists in mind, especially those in the mural or sign painting fields. 
It’s weather resistant, which makes it great for outdoor projects as well as indoor fine art. It’s incredibly opaque, with a fast dry time and perfect for any project including on brick, canvas, glass, acetate, metal or wood. 

Currently available in 27 Bright Long lasting colors!


Our custom tools are developed and designed to make the artist’s job easier, while giving them high quality long lasting tools they can rely on.  

Stainless Steel pallets, innovative brush mounts, mahl sticks, brush boxes, and more – all designed for and tested by our team of artists in the field. 

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