AlphaNamel – Alpha Blue


Alphanamel – professional signwriting and pinstriping enamel paint. Better coverage, smoother flow, higher gloss and longer lasting than other striping/lettering enamels on the market. Comes with Alpha 6 rattlers inside the bottle!

Pantone 3506 C


AlphaNamel is a true artist’s paint.  It is used by pin-stripers all over the world. It goes on with a smoothness and durability unsurpassed in automotive pinstripe paint.  It only takes a single stroke to cover. It is an alkyd lettering enamel, which will stand the tests of weather and time.  It is also a favorite of sign painters, who use it as for indoor and outdoor sign painting. Known for it’s intense colors, durability and longevity, AlphaNamel is by far the best lettering enamel and pin-striping enamel on the market.  AlphaNamel is also an artist’s paint used as a fine art canvas paint and for clothes and shoes, as a garment paint.  It can be used as a leather paint as well as an airbrush paint. Many artists use AlphaNamel as an outdoor mural paint, window paint and as a glass paint.  AlphaNamel dries glossy.  It works well with hardener and clear coat as well.

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2.5 oz – Bottle, 5 oz – Bottle, 8 oz – Bottle, 16 oz – Can, 32 oz – Can, Gallon – Can

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Alphanamel - Alpha Blue
AlphaNamel – Alpha Blue